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Marilisa Merolla is Associate Professor in Contemporary History at  “La Sapienza” Università di Roma. She is the founder and the and director of Music Making History Research Unit which co-operates with several Universities and teaching facilities throughout Europe and US. Ph.D in History of political parties and movements University of Urbino. Her doctoral dissertation was on Politics and the Italian mass media. She has taught and made numerous conference presentations on Italian contemporary history, the history of mass communications and sound as historical source. Her publications include the monographs ROCK’N’ROLL, ITALIAN WAY. Propaganda americana e modernizzazione nell’Italia che cambia al ritmo del rock (1954-1964), Coniglio Editore, Roma 2011; and ITALIA 1961. I media celebrano il Centenario della nazione, Franco Angeli, Milano 2004. Among the numerous international book chapters and journal articles, she is the author of “Radio italienne et mémoire de la Résistance 1958-1965”, in Les Médias et La Libération en Europe 1945-2005, ed. Christian Delporte and Denis Maréchal, Paris: Ina/L’harmattan, 2006; “ Le processus d’intégration européenne à la télévision italienne (1954-1964)” , in Les lucarnes de l'Europe. Télévisions, cultures, identités. 1945-2005, ed. Marie-Françoise Lévy et Marie-Noële Sicard, Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris 2008; “L'image de la Seconde Guerre mondiale à la télévision italienne des origines, 1954-1974”, in La guerre après la guerre. Images et construction des imaginaires de guerre dans l’Europe du XXè siècle, Nouveau Monde Edition,  Paris 2009; “Rock ´n´ roll, Politics, and Society during the Italian Economic Boom” in New World Coming: The Sixties and the shaping of global consciousness,Between the Lines, Toronto 2009; and “Jazz and Fascism. Contradictions and ambivalences in the diffusion of Jazz Music under the Italian fascist dictatorship (1925-1935)”, in B. Johnson (ed.), Jazz and Totalitarianism, Routledge, New York and London 2016.



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